Everything you always wanted to know about Arena!


ERIC DeLAND, Bass Guitar


It wasn’t until high school that Eric first took a serious interest in music. Quickly learning a variety of woodwind and percussion instruments he finally settled into the bass guitar. Relying heavily upon his music theory classes and sight reading, Eric then ventured into musical theatre, play many hit musical shows throughout San Diego winning an Aubrey Award for Best Sound for his work on Jesus Christ Superstar. Since then, Eric has played in many local bands such as Area 52, The Burning Sage Band, Thin Will, and The Cory Wilkins Band. The past few years has found Eric beginning to broaden his horizons, branching out into recording engineering. Now he’s enjoying the challenge of prog rock of the 70’s and 80’s that he grew up listening to playing with Arena Rock.







From the age of three, Mark Gregory has been belting out the vocals. With influences ranging from blues to metal, country to classical (not to mention the heavy influence of the Rock Opera Jesus Christ Superstar), Mark feels most comfortable in the late '70s/early 80's era of Arena Rock.  Mark spent a year and a half studying abroad under Margi Coen and Catherine Robinson at Sydney Vocal Arts Centre in Manly, NSW Australia. More recently he had assisted local San Diego band 24-Seven as vocal lead for multiple fundraising events and dinner cruises, as well as his own side project of the band Midlife Crisis. Having sung most all of his life, it is only within the last couple of years that he has finally applied his passion to fulfill the dream of standing front and center in a Classic Rock and Roll band. When not singing or learning new material, Mark spends much of his time devising new ways to irritate his fellow Arena Rock band members.






Joe Zalak started playing drums at the age of 13,  He grew up on all the heavy hitter's of rock music John Bonham (Zepplin) Keith Moon (The Who ) Carl Palmer (Emmerson Lake and Palmer ) Cozzy Powell (Dio) to name a few.  At 15 years old he was playing parties and recording in studios.  In his mid 20's he toured around the country playing 6 nights a week for 2yrs then returned to NY, to record in all the best studios in Manhatten for record companies on speculation deals.  He has worked with Joe Hanahan who did the live engineering/recording for Aerosmith and also Jack Douglas who produced all the Aerosmith albums except one.  Joe has played drum at SIR Video and show case studio's in Manhattan, working with Nikkie Scharrlie, then the Vice President of the world famous Record Plant.  If Joe isn't working in an original project he's doing a tribute band or something challenging to keep his chops up.  He puts his heart and soul into what ever he does "That's the only way he rolls!"  He hopes to see you at the next ARENA show to give you what you came for  "The Real Deal!........... RTW ....... Rock ....... The ......... World!!




DAVE HART, Keyboards


Classically trained pianist before the age of ten, Dave had his first synthesizer by the age of 12 and began performing professionally at age 16.  He went on to Study Electronic and Computer Music at the SDSU Electronic Music Studio with emphasis on Subtractive Synthesis and Multi-Sampling.  He considers his main influences to be in the area of 70’s prog-rock (Styx, Kansas, ELO, Pink Floyd) as well as rock pianists Elton John, Billy Joel, Billy Powell and Freddie Mercury.  On stage, Dave recreates the sounds of original arena rock music using both modern “workstation” keyboards and vintage analog and digital keyboards.





Mike Walter, Guitars


Mike is a brilliant musician who quickly rose to be the leader of Arena, with his musical knowledge, insight and focus. Mike pretty much came out of the womb singing, with a beautiful high voice. And from the age of six, when he and his next-door neighbor started lip-synching to old Elvis Presley 45s and posing with plastic guitars, Mike knew that all he wanted to do was play rock n' roll. After receiving his first guitar at age nine,
Mike studied folk, rock, blues, and classical until he finished high school. He then went on to college, where he minored in music. Since then, Mike has played in numerous bands, performed in front of thousands of people all over the country, shared the stage with a myriad of national acts, and recorded/released several album. Now, Mike’s focus is playing the music he grew up listening to, and sharing it with others who love it as much as he does. Rockin’ with ARENA is simply the most fun he’s had in years!