Booking information: Call Dave Pomeranz at 619-741-3775 or


Technical information: email Eric DeLand,


General information: Call Arena at 619-512-3586



    Arena: The Total Rock Experience is a complete live performance show with five members on stage (lead vocal, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards) and a lighting director and soundman, as necessary


    The band has a full 32 channel Digital PA system and a complete light show including laser and fog effects, moving head lights, and LED lighting.


    All personnel and equipment are available for international and cruise ship employment. Passports and health certifications available.



    Contact the band attorney, David A. Pomeranz, for information, conracts and riders, at (619) 741-3775 or


    For general booking and other information, please contact Dave at, or phone (619) 512-3586



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Arena: The Total Rock Experience.

From the beginning, the goal was to transport the audience to Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl circa 1979.  To sound more like the bands’ original lineups than the actual bands do today.  To recreate the sounds, lighting, energy, and experience of stadium and arena rock music.  Now, the goal has taken on a life of its own.

Welcome to Arena: The Total Rock Experience.  Here, you will find yourself in the era of the most memorable, exciting, and vivid music ever to grace the FM dial!  From the mid-70’s to the mid-80’s, music experienced a revolution.  Bands like Styx, Foreigner, Boston, Kansas, Queen, Van Halen, Journey and Def Leppard (just to name a few) sold millions of albums and played to countless sold-out crowds in the biggest arenas on the planet.  Now, Arena recreates the experience for you.  From the period costumes, to the tube amps, classic synthesizers, massive drum kits and soaring lead and harmony vocals, Arena recaptures rock history.

Arena is a tribute act – not a cover band.  Each song has been carefully selected and the experience crafted to give something to every audience member: a memory of “I remember when….” from the Cassette Years, when album artwork meant something.  When radio airplay and live performances defined a band.

Tribute bands have become a subculture all their own.  Many acts focus on recreating one band.  Arena recreates an era, with something for everyone.  Songs the audience can dance to, listen to, and identify with.

From the 70’s symphonic progressive innovators like Kansas, Styx and Queen, to the adrenaline surging guitars of Foreigner, Boston and Def Leppard, to the 80’s synergy of digital synthesis and power chords of Van Halen, The Tubes, Journey, and Night Ranger, Arena brings it all to life with meticulously crafted performances of songs that topped the Billboard Charts and provided the musical backdrop to our lives.
Arena recreates the original studio versions of these definitive songs with sounds, lights, effects, textures, and mood from the 70’ and 80’s, combined with the full power sound of today’s technology, with performers who are experienced, talented and dedicated.

Five musicians.  One goal.  One vision.  And now that vision is your ticket to the TOTAL ROCK EXPERIENCE!

Mark Gregory – Lead Vocals.
Eric DeLand – Bass and Harmony Vocals.
Mike Walter– Guitars and Harmony Vocals.
Joe Zalak – Drums and Harmony Vocals.
Dave Hart – Synthesizers and Keyboards.